A Ministry of Identity

When I first completed the manuscript for A Certain Woman: Answering Your Call and Meeting the Conditions, I did so truly believing I had been called into a women’s ministry. I was standing up to women, for women, and calling them out to be the Women of Certainty that God has called us to be. 


I was so very wrong.


Shortly after, God made it clear that I wasn’t to limit Him, or the ministry He had called me into. He explained that I was to start a Ministry of Identity. Terrified, but compliant, I began to work on A Certain Man. This new manuscript aimed at the men of God, and their place in their families, communities, cities, states, businesses and governments. I believed that I was to send out a call to action to the children of God, owning our titles as Men and Women of God, calling an entire generation to Certainty.


I was right, but I was still setting limits.


When God told me that the enemy had stolen the identity of His children, I registered that as men and women, taking on roles and attitudes that weren’t only against their true nature, against their very DNA, but also against the God who had created them in His image. However, even this large and terrifying concept was a limited stance on what God had laid out before me. People have taken on so many names that don’t belong to them. Not only has the enemy stolen the identity of so many of the children of God, but those same children have stolen the identity of the demons who were sent to torment them.


That is the purpose of a Ministry of Identity, to call out the children of God to not only take their true place as the sons and daughters of the One True King, but to remember their names and the power that coincides.


Your name is not Depression. Addiction. Anxiety. Stress. Schizophrenia. Anorexia. Bulimia. Bipolar. OCD. PTSD. ADHD. Alcoholism. Panic. Borderline Personality Disorder. Psychosis. Body Dysmorphia. Gender Dysphoria. Anything-phobia. Or even Seasonal Affective Disorder. Your name is not Sickness. Your name is not Disease. Those are the demons, sent to torment you, that you have taken on as a part of yourself. Instead of casting them out, instead of breaking the chains that bind you, you have stolen the identity of your demons. You have accepted the chain as a part of yourself.


You are a child of the Living God. You know your name. More than that, you know the name that has the power to break every chain that would try to hold you back.


Stop hiding behind demons, pretending like you’re powerless against them. Scream the name of Jesus, break the chains that bind you, and step into your place as a disciple and child of God. 


This is it; this is a Ministry of Identity. This is a calling out of the people who claim to love God yet insult Him daily by hiding behind the sin of doubt. This is a calling out of those who not only listened to what the enemy of God’s children had to say but took the enemy’s word over the Word of God. This is a calling out of those who pretend their sin is not fatal, even though they can feel themselves dying on the inside. 


This is a Call to Action. Remember who you are. Remember your name. It was given to you by God!