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Post #8: My Greatest Day

The day I have been waiting for all my life!


I was probably six or seven the first time I wrote anything that could be considered an attempt at a short story. I was twelve-ish the first time I had a poem published. It was terrible. In high school I won writing awards and throughout my early twenties I wrote poem after poem and a handful of short stories. It was my passion, but I treated it like a hobby.


Last year, I took my passionate hobby and decided to make it my dream job. It took me seven months, but I actually managed to write the book that had been bouncing around in my head for the better part of eight years! It took me three months (and a whole lot of rejection) to find someone willing to publish it and another seven months of editing, type setting, cover designing stress for it to be ready for the printer. Then, yesterday, September 19, 2019 my life-long dream came true. I received my first shipment of books in the mail.


I had anxiously checked my PO Box for weeks, hoping to see the giant key setting there, indicating that I had a package waiting. Day after day passed and nothing. I was feeling pretty blah, then yesterday, I reached in to grab the pile of junk mail I saw inside and *clank*. The sound of metal falling onto metal was like a heavenly choir in my ears. I was so nervous trying to get the key in the slot it took my forever. After a deep breath and a short prayer, the key went in and the door popped open.


A life-time of hopes and dreams sat there, wrapped up in a deceptively small cardboard container. I threw it in my truck and rushed to my parent’s house. I needed this moment recorded for posterity and my mother is an excellent camera woman! 


Opening that box was the greatest feeling in the world!


I love you all and I appreciate your support! This journey is just getting started, hold on!