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Post #2: How It All Began

Boy #1: Hey mom! Did you know 101 is 101 backward?


Yes. Yes, I did. But that isn’t what you say to your beautiful child who expects you to be as impressed with their newly discovered information as they are. So instead I said something along the line of, “Oh, wow, yeah! That’s fantastic! That’s called a palindrome.”


Boy #1: What is?


Me: When a word is the same forward and backward. Like “race-car”, “madam”, “noon”, “mom” or even phrases like “no lemon, no melon.”


Boy #1: 101 isn’t a word. Were you even listening!?


Now for a lot of parents this could be a teachable moment, “Listen up, little Timmy, pull up a chair. Now I said words and phrases but the technical definition also includes sequences such as 101 or even 101010101.” But, if I’m being honest, that’s not the kind of parent I am. I believe I said something more like…


Me: *defeated sigh* Yep. You’re like one of the wise sages from history. Please go share your insights with your brothers and sister.


A few hours later I was sitting in front of my laptop, counting the blinks of my cursor and praying for inspiration to work on my novel when inspiration for something else came instead. My kids say dumb stuff all the time. Occasionally they do say something profound, but mostly it’s just crap they think is profound. I opened a new document and started jotting down ideas. Things they have done, things they have said, things that caught me completely off guard and things that I had searched the vast knowledge of the internet for and never found. It was like a cartoon, and the light bulb above my head wasn’t just shining bright; it was about to explode! Suddenly I had a list of 30 things off the top of my head that I needed to share with the world and I knew the inspiration wasn’t about to run dry, I have 6-16 years left with these kids and there is a distinct possibility that by the time the youngest goes off to college the older three will have families of their own.


I just had a small panic attack at the thought of grandchildren.


Anyway, as the ideas poured out and my enthusiasm grew for this new project I heard a squeal of laughter from the other room. I stopped what I was doing and strained my ears to hear exactly what the kids were up to, and, without fail, there is was.


Boy #2: You’re right! 101 is 101 backward, I never realized that!


With a smile and a nod to myself I knew I had solid gold. Joyfully I wrote down “101 is 101 Backward and Other Fun Parenting Facts”. And so it begins; a fun new adventure that my children could potentially sue* me for in the future.


*I won’t use their names. BOOM! Legal Loophole (maybe?)!