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Post #10: BoyMom vs. GirlMom

GirlMom vs BoyMom: *Spoiler Alert* We’re All Losing Our Minds


I have seen so many quotes and jokes about the differences between being a Girl-Mom or a Boy-Mom. As I have both, I get both. And many of them are funny. However, I would like to go on the record as officially saying, “We’re all the same! We’re all slowly losing our minds! We’re all waiting for bedtime!”


My daughter makes just as many fart jokes as my sons. My sons have all had their pink phases and my youngest even has a baby doll he pretends to take care of (that did not make his father happy, but it was a reindeer cabbage patch doll and absolutely the cutest thing on the planet, I wasn’t going to tell him ‘no’).


My daughter loves dinosaurs – my sons like dinosaurs.


My sons love Spongebob – my daughter loves Spongebob.


My daughter hates sports – my sons hate sports. (I love sports, my kids are mean.)


My sons likes dancing around the house like it’s a rave in 1994 – my daughter likes dancing around the house like it’s a rave in 1994.


None of them like Brussels Sprouts or cleaning their rooms.


All of them love extra butter on their popcorn and cheesy sci-fi movies.


I don’t parent my daughter the same way I parent my sons. Not because they are different genders but because they are different people. Guess what? I don’t parent my 11 year old son the same way I parent my 10 year old son. And none of them get the same treatment I extend to the 2 year old. That’s just the way it is. They are all different, they have different wants and needs, they may all like my spaghetti and meatballs, but their individual metabolisms determine how much I’m going to let them eat.

I’m a boy-mom and a girl-mom. I wear superhero t-shirts and high heels. I can destroy them all in Halo and I will always win a soda chugging contest. I taught my daughter the proper way to apply foundation, I taught one son how to burp his abc’s, one son how to dance the cha-cha and one son how to pee standing up (not by example, I’m not an animal). I get that people seem to think there is some barrier; that having only one gender of child determines the style of mom you are going to be, but it really has no bearing. Each kid is just as different as the next. As a parent, it’s our job to figure out exactly what that unique little individual needs in order to thrive, whether it’s a pink T-Rex or baby blue ballet slippers.


I love being a mom. I love being able to sit back and watch my kids’ personalities form. It is absolutely fascinating to sit back and just observe the people they are growing up to be. To see the lessons that I have taught them, their grandparents taught them, their school teachers taught them, take hold. To see the growth of their individual natures is the greatest gift I have ever and could ever be given. I am so glad that they are not limited by societal norms or meme-worthy jokes. I love that they are comfortable just being themselves. 


A girl and three boys growing up to be a woman and three men who are unique and beautiful, intelligent and kind, giving and loving. One day, they may even enjoy my Brussels Sprouts….